Saturday, March 15

Busy with bitcoins mining

Hey everybody!

I know I have not been updating this site for a longgggggg time but well, I have been really busy setting up my own rig to mine cryptocurrencies for the last few months. Been mining a bit of bitcoins, litecoins and dogecoins. Here's a photo of my starting rig for mining. Had only 3 x 7970 but just increased it to 4 of it. All 4 cards running at around 850+ watts and optimized to around 2400 kilo hertz.

I'm using one of the better cards for mining with an awesome mining specified motherboard - The ASrock H81 Pro BTC. This card allows you to run 6 GPU without the need for powered riser cables. Pretty awesome I would say.

At the moment I am running the whole rig on a 1000W PSU but looking to hot-wire it with a secondary PSU to fully run up to 6 cards. That will be a mining beast.

Will probably post more if any of you guys are interested in mining bitcoins, otherwise you can follow the latest news in the bitcoins community and also tutorials on how to start mining your first coin at Coin Mining Market . More tutorials and "How to mine your first coin" information vault will be posted to let you start on your journey of virtual currency. Be your own bank - Print your own coins. Do note that there are many trading platforms where you can easily and securely trade your coins for US dollars. Here's an article on Trading BitCoins if you are interesting in knowing how to exchange these virtual coins for real money.


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