Sunday, September 29

Toy Defense Coins Cheat

  1. Open Cheat Engine and select the browser in the process list.
  2. Enter Toy Defense [click to play]
  3. When the game is loading, Enable speedhack, change the value to 0 and click Apply.
  4. The loading will now pause.
  5. Change value type to array of byte and scan 21 66 1b 27
  6. Only 1 address found.
  7. Change the value to 21 66 1b 26
  8. Change speedhack back to 1 and apply so the game continues loading.
  9. Now go play any missions.
  10. Then press the SETTINGS icon
  11. You will now see a button "Get Money" 
  12. Click on it and you will get unlimited money to purchase soldiers for your defense. 
  13. Have fun!


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