Sunday, September 15

Hidden Shadows Cheat: Score hack


  1. You will need Cheat Engine. Download links above.
  2. Play Hidden Shadows [click to play]
  3. Select browser in the process list for the Cheat Engine.
  4. Play any mission.
  5. Find an item. You should have a score of about 16000. (see top right corner)
  6. First scan 16000
  7. Find another 2 items.
  8. You should now have a score of around 36000 (see top right corner)
  9. NEXT scan that new score value. 
  10. You should have only 3 addresses left.
  11. Change all these 3 value to 10000000
  12. You will now get all the Badges and MAX out the points in the Spirit Lab which allows you to gain additional energy.
  13. Have fun! 
Tip: Remember to use the points in the Spirit lab before you play any mission to get the maximum points! 


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