Tuesday, August 13

Plants vs Zombies Adventures Ultimate Hack

Credits: Baron

Plants vs Zombies Adventures Ultimate Hack.

With this hack, you have unlimited SUN, GEMS, COINS, EXP and ZOMBIE money. Enjoy.

  1. Download cheat file from the link above.
  2. If you are on a 32bit OS, use the 32bit. If you are on 64bit, use the 64bit. (duhhhh)  
  3. If you are using Firefox, select Flashplugin. If chrome, pick chrome.exe (duhhhh)
  4. Click Attach. then Continue.
  5. Now you should see all the cheat options.
  6. Then just select the cheat options that you want.
  7. The cheat options are:-
  • Add 10k of items and plants when you buy/add them. Remember to disable cheat after use! 
  • Gives you maximum sun. Immediately disable when the sun is max out! 
  • Max out your coins, zombiebucks, exp. Disable once you got the maximum! 
  • Use all the gem items in the shop for FREE. Disable after use!
  • Bring unlimited plants for your road trips. 
Have fun!


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