Thursday, August 8

Happy Pets Room Unlock

1. Enter Happy Pets [play Happy Pets]
2. Open Cheat Engine
3. Scan your current EXP
4. Do something that changes your EXP, like cleaning litterbox
5. Scan your EXP againg until only 1 address left
6. Now double click on it
7. Scan your level, there should be a lot of results
8. Find one that has the same 6 characters like your EXP address (ex. EXP address is 0333EE14, find address that goes 0333EE** where * is some characters, like 0333EE40)
9. When you find the address, double click on it and change value to 100
10. Now unlock all rooms and refresh
11. Tested and working, see image bellow. Enjoy!


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