Sunday, August 4

DarkWarriors GOLD hack

  1. Enter Dark Warriors [play DarkWarriors]
  2. Open Cheat Engine.
  3. Select browser in process list. (2nd Flashplayer.exe for firefox users)
  4. Go to SHOP in the game.
  5. Remember the price of the first item on Page One of the shop.
  6. Go to Page 2.
  7. In Cheat Engine, First Scan the price of the item in step 5.
  8. Multiple addresses will be found.
  9. Select all the results and press the red arrow to copy to the address list.
  10. Change all the values to -100000 and freeze the value.
  11. Now go back to Page 1, and buy that first item. 
  12. You should now get 100000 gold! 
  13. Tested and working! See video. Enjoy! 


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