Saturday, August 10

Dark Warriors Level Hack

1. Go to Dark Warriors [click to play]
2. Open Cheat Engine and choose your browser, for Chrome users use this tutorial [Select Chrome Process]
3. Go to World, click on mission but don't start yet
4. Scan the coins you get as a mission reward
5. Now few addresses will be found, change the value of each and for each check if the value ingame is changed
6. When you find the right address, change it back to starting one (optional)
7. Scan the Exp you get as a mission reward
8. You will get a lot of addresses, find one that has the same first 6 characters as coins address (Ex. Your coins address is 89C031D7, find address which is 89C031** where ** is some characthers)
9. Double click on it and change it's value to 100000000 (100 millions)
10. Now finish the mission and you will have like 100000000/39421 Exp, but start another mission and each kill you do you will levelup (100 kills - 100 levelups)
11. When you do all your levelups, reload the game to avoid detection
12. Tested and working, see image bellow. Enjoy!


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