Thursday, August 8

Dark Warriors Exp/Level Hack

1. Enter Dark Warriors [play Dark Warriors]
2. Open Cheat Engine
3. Go to World, choose a mission and see the Exp ammount that mission gives you as reward when you win
4. Scan that value
5. A lot of values will show up, select them all and change to ammount you need to levelup (ex. Your Exp is 600/1300 then change the ammount to 700)
6. Play the mission and win it
7. You should levelup now, you can do it as many times as you want even with same mission every time
8. Tested and working, have fun!

If it's crashing for you scan the value and play the mission when you com infront of the "Enter here" to finish mission text label change the value and fast click on "Enter here" label (It should be a cave or other enterance)


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