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Phewtick cheats and hacks discussion

PhewTick Cheats and Hacks Discussion

1. So what is PhewTick first? (From the site)

We believe meeting people brings joy into your life and make your life more exciting. For business, hobby, love- meeting new people will turn your life in a new direction and could even broaden your outlook.

On the other hand, we rely too much on our luck to meet new people. Some may actively join workshops or events, and others may just have innate good luck to meet new people- we call this natural ability “Serendipity.” So what if you do not have “Serendipity?” Is there a way to meet someone new without making extra efforts?

Our mission is to give everyone “Serendipity” to meet new people more easily and make our lives full of Serendipitous meetings! And earn money while doing it!

2. Current
cheats/hacks/exploits that would cause you to NOT get paid in Phewtick.

If you are using FakeLocation / Location Spoofer / Fake GPS to spoof your location then scan the QR code, this will definitely create a blackmark in your application as it is NOT possible you are in Malaysia now, and the next moment you are in England/Italy/USA/Where-ever.

Lots of people are currently getting people to send the QR code, view the code on another mobile/pc, spoof the location and scan the code to get the points. This will spoil your account when you request for your payment, so DONT do this!  

3. How should we cheat/hack this Phewtick application to earn money then?

We can still spoof locations, but just solely in our own country, city, town to decrease the chance of you getting suspected.  (

4. I keep getting invalid code even after I have spoofed the location and scan my friend's code on another gadget.

The QR code only lasts for a couple of minutes. There is an expiry! So spoof fast, and scan if you wannt gain the points.  

5. Any other awesome cheats/hacks/exploits for phewtick?

Well, I am looking at the files but it will take a while as I am busy with my real life and work at the moment as well too. I'm sure there is a way to change the probability of the rewards point system *hint* :p

Feel free to comment if you have any ideas/exploits and we can work it out together. Have fun! 

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