Tuesday, November 13

Farmville 2 Cheats - List of items

Credits: AlphaSoldier

Current List of items in farmville 2 that you can use our existing farmville 2 cheats to obtain.

There are 2 different files. One that is alphabetically ordered and the 2nd one is length sorted. Length sorted is good because remember, you have to use the exact length to replace in order to hack the item successfully.

Why is there a white screen on my Farmville 2 and how to solve it?

As for those people with the white screen, this is NOT you getting banned as I have not gotten banned before. I believe what happened was that you replaced the code with an invalid code resulting in a glitch. That could be solved when the server refreshes/reloads. Some people have gotten their white screen off after a few days. It would be good if you delete the app (http://www.facebook.com/appcenter/my), clear browser cache and wait for a few days.  -www.pwnthis.net

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