Sunday, November 4

Cityville 2 Cheats - Coins Energy Keys Hack

Cityville 2 Cheats - Coins Energy Keys Cash Hack
  1. Download the Cheat file from the links above. Cityville 2 cheats
  2. Using Winrar, extract the database in the downloaded folder.
  3. Open Fiddler.
  4. Go to the autoresponder tab.
  5. Drag the downloaded cheat file into the tab.
  6. Important - Clear browser cache now (do this or cheat will NOT work)
  7. Play Cityville 2 [click to play]
  8. For coins, go to Market > Buildings > Business and buy the Bakery. You will get 500,000 coins.
  9. For cash/keys, go to Market > Consumables and buy any of the Battery packs. You will get both energy and cash keys.
  10. Enjoy. Brought to you by


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