Monday, November 5

Chefville Ingredients Cheat


  1. Watch the video tutorial below. (You can download it if you are unable to view it)
  2. Download the cheat steps from the links below.
  3. Follow EXACTLY or it will not work.
  4. If it doesnt work, you are doing it wrongly.
  5. If it works, congrats you are very intelligent and able to follow my simple video.
  6. If it doesnt work, you are definitely doing it wrongly. Try it again by watching the video carefully instead of posting "DO NOT WORK HELP" because I really cant help you when I do not know what you have done wrongly. It's like how you cannot help me learn French or Spanish..

For the whole list of ingredients... Download the Ingredients Map from the links below.

Enjoy CHEFVILLE Cheats - Ingredients Cheats Hacks Tips Help Coins Cash.


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