Saturday, October 20

Pet Society Halloween - Pumpkin Plushie

  1. Download Database from the links above.
  2. Open Fiddler
  3. Go to the Autoresponder tab
  4. Make sure Enable automatic responses and Unmatched requests are ticked.
  5. Click on the "Add..." button
  6. Change the "StringToMatch" text to this "REGEX:(?insx).*Ect3THwxia$"
  7. In the Rule Editor at the bottom, click on the DOWNWARDS arrow and select "Find a File"
  8. Browse to the file that you have just downloaded from the links above and select it.
  9. Click SAVE.
  10. Clear browser cache (Important to load the cheat file!)
  11. Load Pet Society
  12. Enter the CAFE.
  13. Buy your Pumpkin Plushie Maker.
  14. Have fun!


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