Monday, October 22

Farmville 2 - Unlimited Water

Warning: This will wipe out ALL your coins. But use the coins hack and you can easily earn millions of coins again. So.. NO WORRIES :D

  1. Enter Farmville 2
  2. Open cheat engine
  3. Scan value = "4 bytes"
  4. Scan 1000000 and change all the value to "0"
  5. NEW scan 50000 and change all the value to 2000000
  6. Now buy the "Manor Harvestate" and put it in your farm.
  7. In cheat engine, change the value to Text/String 
  8. NEW SCAN "coins"
  9. Change all the values to "water"
  10. Sell your Manorhavestate.
  11. Wait for about 1-2minutes. 
  12. Refresh you game. 
  13. You will no longer have any coins but you have UNLIMITED WATER.
  14. Now.. use the coins cheat to get back your coins duhhhh. 


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