Saturday, October 27

Farmville 2 - Halloween Candy Cheat

  1. Enter Farmville 2.
  2. Plant lots of 'Strawberry'
  3. Open Cheat Engine.
  4. Select FlashPlayerplugin.exe (firefox), Chrome.exe (chrome users - use Decimal > Hex calculator to see which chrome.exe process to select) 
  5. Change Scan Type to "Text" or "String" (depending on version of CE you are using)
  6. First scan "e_rare_crop_strawberry"
  7. Select ALL the addresses return. 
  8. Click on the red arrow.
  9. Change ALL the values to "e_rare_halloween_candy"
  10. Now go use the Instant Growth to harvest all the 'Strawberry'.
  11. You will see your Halloween Candy count increase (Check the halloween shack)
  12. Claim your Halloween sheep before Halloween! 
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