Wednesday, October 24

Farmville 2 Expansion Cheat v2

Farmville 2 Cash expansion hack v2.0
Credits: ShadowFox @
  • Cheat Engine 6.1/6.2
  • Firefox ( recommended )

All scans and changes to values from now will be case sensitive.

After each scan, leave all the values in the list below, do NOT remove them from the list once you have grabbed them.

1. Open up Farmville 2
2. Open up Cheat engine and select the last Flash player process on the list.
3. Change your scan type to String
4. Scan for Farm Bucks.
5. Grab all those values and change them to farm bucks ( leave them in the list where you change them )
6. Scan for Coins
7. Grab all those values and change all the values in the list to coins.
8. Scan for coins
9. Grab all the values and change all the values to farm bucks
10. Scan for farm bucks.
11. Grab all those values and change ALL the values to coins.
12. Go back to Farmville 2, click on your expansion and purchase what you need for that expansion, !DO NOT CLICK EXPAND YET!
13. Once you have purchased everything you need for the expansion, quickly go to the shop and purchase a Mummy Goat and place it in your farm, feed it once and manually refresh the game your self.
14. Upon refresh you should now be able to click the Expand button in the expansion box.

Some notes:
The purpose of scanning and rescanning and changing back between coins and farm bucks is to decrease the chance of the game breaking and refreshing.


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