Thursday, October 11

Farmville 2 Coins Exp Cheats New

Farmville 2 Coins Cheats
  1. Enter FarmVille 2
  2. Open Cheat Engine.
  3. Select process in Cheat Engine (FlashPlayerPlugin.exe for firefox users)
  4. Scan type is "4 bytes"
  5. First Scan for "45000"
  6. Select ALL the addresses returned and click on the red arrow.
  7. Select ALL the address and change the value to "0"
  8. Now, go to Shop and search "Hay" (English version of Farmville 2)
  9. Buy as many as you want as it is FREE and gives you the maximum number of EXP for buying an item (397 exp). 
  10. Buy buy buy buy buy. for exp and sell them later for coins. 


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