Sunday, October 21

Farmville 2 Silo Feed Cheat

Farmville 2 Silo Cheat

  1. Start FarmVille 2.
  2. Open Cheat Engine.
  3. Select Process (FlashPlayerPlugin.exe for Firefox, Chrome.exe for chrome. You will need to select the correct chrome process)
  4. Buy orange tree in the market
  5. Do NOT place the tree yet.
  6. Now, go back to CE6.2
  7. Change value type to STRING 
  8. Search: e_tree_fruit_orange 
  9. Select all the addresses and ..
  10. Change value to: e_building_silo_l11
  11. Go back to the game
  12. Place the baby orange tree
  13. It should drop a Silo now!
  14. Refresh FV2 - Silos are still there!


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