Sunday, October 28

Farmville 2 - 100 cash Expansion (no whoopsie)

This version to expand the 100 cash land without getting the Whoopsie Daisy error.

Credits: PXMous

  1. Enter Farmville 2
  2. Open the 100 cash land. ( just leave it open )
  3. Open Cheat Engine now. (you must scan only after step 2 is done)
  4. Select processs (flashplugin.exe for firefox and chrome.exe for chrome)
  5. Change value type to "Text" / "String"
  6. First scan "Coins"    
  7. Select all the results and press the red arrow.
  8. New scan "coins"
  9. Select all the results and press the red arrow.
  10. Now, select all the addresses in the table below (Ctrl+A)
  11. Change all the values to "farm bucks"
  12. Immediately, change all the values back to "coins"
  13. This is to prevent the "Whoopsie Daisy" error.
  14. Now back to your game, click the SKIP WITH 100 CASH button
  15. Close the box WITHOUT expanding.
  16. Go to your neighbor and back to your farm. (or just refresh the game)
  17. Your land will be able to expand with the red check now.


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