Saturday, September 1

Pet Society Cheat - Faerie Room Unlocked

  1. To make it simple for the newbies, I have simplified the process.
  2. Download all 2 cheat files from the link above. Just click [download] aboveee. + check out the tutorial on Fiddler if it is your first time using it.
  3. Now, open FIDDLER
  4. Go to your Autoresponder tab
  5. Make sure both options "Enable..." and "Unmatched..." are ticked
  6. Drag the 3 files into the autoresponder tab.
  7. Clear browser cache. (Ctrl Shift Del for chrome users)
  8. Enter Pet Society
  9. Go to the Market for the Autumn Eggs
  10. BUY! 
  11. Keep buying till you get a pair of Faerie Wings.
  12. Wear the wings and your Faerir Room will be UNLOCKED.
  13. Note. You need to wear the wings to see the room. This room is a NEW feature!!


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