Tuesday, September 18

Jetpack Joyride Ultimate Coins Cheat

Jetpack Joyride Ultimate Coins Cheat@pwnthis.net:
  1. Open Cheat Engine and select your browser in the process list (flash plugin.exe for Firefox users)
  2. Go to Jetpack Joyride [click to play]
  3. Go to The Stash and Jetpacks
  4. In Cheat Engine, value type is 4 bytes.
  5. First scan 50000
  6. Change all the values of the address returned to -20000000
  7. Then buy "Golden Piggy Pack"
  8. Now you have SO MUCH COINS!
  9. 100% tested and working.
  10. Have fun with your Jetpack Joyride Coins Cheats


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