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Armies of Magic Unlimited Army Cheat

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This is a working Armies of Magic Facebook game cheat.

1. Select FlashPlayerPlugin in "Select a Process to Open".armies of magic cheats
2. Change Value Type to "Double"
3. Go into a battle. Click PAUSE
4. First scan number of green minerals you have. Example "50".armies of magic cheats
5. UNPAUSE and Send a Miner out. (10 minerals)
6. PAUSE and Next scan "40" minerals. armies of magic cheats
7. Only 2 address left. Select both address and click on the red arrow.
8. Right click the 2 address and select "Find out what accesses these addresses"
9. Back to the game, UNPAUSE and select a soldier to fight.armies of magic cheats
10. Select this line "movq [esi+68], xmm0" and click "Show disassembler"
11. Click Tools. armies of magic cheats
12. Click Auto Assemble
13. Click Template > Code Injection > OK
14. You will see these lines:
movq [esi+70],xmm0

15. CUT out the line "movq [esi+70],xmm0"
16. Click EXECUTE > YES
17. Now you can keep spamming units for free!
IMPORTANT: armies of magic cheats
You will need to add back the line at the start of every battle or you will NOT have any minerals at the start.

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