Sunday, August 19

The Walking Dead Cheats - Stats Premium

Credits: CheatEngine. duh.

The Walking Dead Stats Hack [walking dead cheats]
  1. Open Cheat Engine and select the correct flash plugin for your browser. [walking dead cheats]
  2. Enter the Walking Dead [play]
  3. Go to the Upgrade Skills page. [walking dead cheats]
  4. If you have 8 stats points, First scan "8" (scan the value you have at the current moment!)
  5. Use 1 point on any skill. [walking dead cheats]
  6. Next scan the new remaining stat points. "7" in my this example.
  7. Repeat step 5 and 6 until only 1 address remain.
  8. Change the value to 50. [walking dead cheats]
  9. Use 1 more point on any skill. [walking dead cheats]
  10. Now you should see you have "49" skill points remaining. [walking dead cheats]
  11. Allocate the points to the skills that you want. [walking dead cheats]
  12. Save the game. refresh. and you still have the skills  [walking dead cheats]
Note: This works for ammo as well. Do NOT try for Energy or you will get reset. 

The Walking Dead Premium Items Hack [walking dead cheats]
  1.  Go to the Store. TV Items. [walking dead cheats]
  2. You will see the Crossbow. [walking dead cheats]
  3. It costs 210 Cash. [walking dead cheats]
  4. New scan 210 in cheat engine. [walking dead cheats]
  5. A lot of results will show up. [walking dead cheats]
  6. Select all the results and click on the red arrow in cheat engine. [walking dead cheats]
  7. All the results will be in the edit table now. [walking dead cheats]
  8. Change all the value to "0' [walking dead cheats]
  9. You can now get the crossbow for FREE. [walking dead cheats]
  10. Have fun kill zombies! [walking dead cheats]
 Note: Do NOT ABUSE CHEAT TOO MUCH! I got my account reset once :p Just cheat a little and you will not get detected. Just DO NOT get detected and you will be OKAY!


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