Tuesday, August 21

The Walking Dead Cheats - Cash Hack

Alright, gonna post it up since everyone has commented on the steps already :p
You are gonna see it leeched on many other websites and it will be patched very soon. So use it fast!

 The Walking Dead Dead Dollars Hack @pwnthis.net: [walking dead cheats]

  1. Open Cheat Engine and select the correct flash plugin for your browser. [walking dead cheats]
  2. Enter the Walking Dead [play]
  3. Go to the Shop > TV Items page. [walking dead cheats]
  4. You will see the Daryl's bow for 210 cash. First scan "210"
  5. A lot of results will show up. [walking dead cheats]
  6. Change all the values to "-10000".
  7. Buy the crossbow and you will have Dead Dollars now.
  8. The flash game may crash but after refresh, the Dead Dollars are still there :). [walking dead cheats]
Enjoy and have fun. You saw this first on PWNTHIS.NET


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