Thursday, August 9

Social Wars Cheats - Population Hack

Credits: MasterPro
  1. Enter Social Wars [click to play]
  2. Open Cheat Engine
  3. Select Chrome.exe (watch video to see how to select the correct process) or plugin-container.exe for Firefox users
  4. Download the important codes from the links above
  5. Change to Array of Bytes
  6. Scan the first code
  7. Change all the values to the second code
  8. NEW scan the third code
  9. Change all the values to the forth code
  10. Go to Build > Decorations and mass build the "General Structure" for 10 cash each. You should have infinite cash from my previous cheat here [Social Wars Cash Cheat]
  11. Once you have build all the General structure, refresh the game and you should now have thousands of population. 
  12. Watch the video to see it working!! AWESOME. 


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