Saturday, August 18

Social Empires Cheats Population Hack

Social Empires Cheats // Population Hack
  1. Open Cheat Engine and Select your browser in the process list
  2. Change value type to "Array of bytes"
  3. Enter Social Empires [click to play]
  4. First scan "Code 1" .Get the code from the cheat file in the download links here [Social Empires Cheats]
  5. Select ALL the results and click on the red arrow to put it in the cheat table.
  6. Change all the values to "30 30 00 00 00 00 00 00 00 00 00"
  7. Now, go to Wonders and build "Alexander Library" (Costs 70cash, with step 1-6, you can now buy it for FREE)
  8. This gives you alot of population!
  9. Now, NEW SCAN "Code 2" in the cheat file
  10. 2 addresses found
  11. Change both values to "Code 3"
  12. Go to your friend's town.
  13. Go back to your own town.
  14. Change "Code 3" back to "Code 2"
  15. Now you can build 1 more Alexander Library. [Repeat steps 11-14 for more Libraries]
  16. Now you can refresh your game. ALL the libraries will appear and you will get the Population bonus.
  17. Have fun PWNING!


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