Monday, August 27

Social Empire Cash Premium Cheats

Tested on both Firefox and Chrome with the latest Flash.
  1. Open Cheat Engine and select the correct flash plugin for your browser (watch the video!)
  2. Enter Social Empires [click to play social empires]
  3. Go to Tourney > Friends Tourney[social empires cheats]
  4. Select "The best"
  5. Change value type in Cheat Engine to Text/String[s[social empires cheats] ocial empires cheats]
  6. Scan "gold"
  7. Select all the addresses and click on the red arrow[social empires cheats]
  8. Change all the value to "cash"[social empires cheats]
  9. Now back to the game, click OK[social empires cheats]
  10. You should see the waiting screen with the timer counting down. You will also get an error popup.
  11. You NEED at least 3 friends to get to the waiting screen or the cheat will NOT work.
  12. Click the error popup and the game refreshes
  13. Now go to the Tourney and CANCEL TOURNAMENT[social empires cheats]
  14. You will now get the 50 cash/premium 
  15. Have fun!
  16. [social empires cheats

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