Sunday, August 12

Olympic City Cheats - Level and Coins Hack

  1. Open Charles
  2. Enter Olympics Games City [click to play Olympics Games City]
  3. In Charles, find the line ""
  4. Expand it > Expand Handler
  5. You should see the folder "dispatch/"
  6. Right click and select "Breakpoints"
  7. Buy/build anything in the game.
  8. Wait. wait.wait till Breakpoints tab show up. 
  9. Go to the Edit Request tab
  10. Go to the "Text" tab 
  11. Find the words "Coins" and "Level"
  12. It will look something like this "coin%22%3Axxxxx" where xxxxx is the amount of coins you have.
  13. Change to the amount you want.
  14. Then do the same for Level.
  15. Click EXECUTE twice
  16. Step 6 (Right click the folder and select Breakpoints) to remove breakpoints
  17. Refresh the game. Enjoy new level and coins.
  18. Watch video if you are not a pro Charles exploiter.
  19. It will NOT work for Cash,Hearts and Energy. 
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