Wednesday, August 29

Mars Frontier Damage Hack

Credits: Morgs888 / ekoliem
  1. Download the cheatfile from the links above!
  2. Open Charles
  3. Enter Mars Frontier [click to play Mars Frontier Cheats]
  4. Search for the line "" (If the lines are not showing up, go to Facebook, Account Settings and untick Secured Browsing. )
  5. Open it and you will see "gamedata.js"
  6. Right click gamedata.js and select "Map Local"
  7. Click on the "Choose" button and select the cheat file that you have just downloaded from (link above duh!)
  8. Now, just clear your browser cache (Important or file will not be replaced!)
  9. Refresh the game
  10. Build lots of mining droids and send them to war! 
  11. Fight with the computer only. Or you may get reported.
  12. Note: ALL droids will be super range+damage hack, so just make sure you kill the enemies droids first. 
  13. Watch the video !


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