Saturday, March 9

Edgeworld cheats - Units hack
  1. Download the tools and cheatfile from the link above
  2. Enter EdgeWorld [click to play EdgeWorld]
  3. Open HxD hex editor (download from the Tool's section)
  4. Click on Extras > Open Ram
  5. Select the Flash Plugin. If you are using a older version of Flash, select the plugin-container.exe. Just try all if you are unable to search for the values.
  6. Press Ctrl - R to replace the codes.
  7. All the codes are in the cheatfile that you have downloaded from
  8. Once you have replaced all the codes. CLICK SAVE! 
  9. Now the game memory has changed. You can enjoy the cheats :) 
  10. Simulate defense battle. You will level up very fast with this method using Low health troops + Fast shooting turret.
  11. Watch the video if you cant follow the steps! Just keep trying as it 100% works!

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