Saturday, July 28

Ninja Saga Cheats - ATM Hack

Credits: EX

  1. Download both the Cheat file and the Password from the links above.
  2. Open Fiddler
  3. Using WinRAR, extract ninja.association.swf from the Cheat file (ninja_association.rar) that you downloaded (You can download winrar from the tools section)
  4. Drag ninja.association into the "Autoresponder" tab of Fiddler
  5. Make sure "Enable automatic responses" and "Unmatched requests.." are both ticked
  6. Clear browser cache for Google Chrome (Shift+Ctrl+Del)
  7. Enter Ninja Saga [Click to play Ninja Saga]
  8. Go into HeadQuarters
  9. Input the Password from the file that you downloaded. (Download Password link at the top of this post)
  10. Now you can just select the cheats you want. EXP or GOLD or MISSION hacks.
  11. Enjoy. 


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