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Dragon City Cheats - Coin Exp Food Speedhack

Dragon City is a Facebook-based social game with the theme around dragon breeding, hatching and fighting. The game is developed by Social Point, which has published Facebook games such as Social Wars, and Social Empires.
The game is primarily executed in the way like all other games released by Social Point. In Dragon City, you start from your magical dragon island where you create your dragons in the hatchery, and grow dragons to earn more gold by placing them in the habitats. As you have placed the dragons in order, you need to feed them with food that will be produced in the Farm. Dragons have a big appetite, and you must grow as much food as possible.

The bigger your habitat, the more your dragons, the higher the level the MORE gold you get through this method.

Steps for Dragon City Cheats @
  1. Open Dragon City [click to play dragon city]
  2. Open Cheat Engine
  3. Learn how to select the correct Chrome process as shown in the video.
  4. You should have 2 Earth Habitats.  (Lets call them Habitat A and Habitat B)
  5. Put 2 Earth Dragons in Habitat A.
  6. In Cheat Engine, select Speedhack and set about 20.
  7. Now your gold collection will be turbo speed.
  8. Just keep collecting the gold until you get the popup error
  9. Refresh the game
  10. Notice now your Habitat A has NEGATIVE collection.
  11. Do NOT click on it or you lose your coins.
  12. Just move the 2 dragons over to Habitat B and Store Habitat A
  13. Then place Habitat A back to your city and notice the negative coins have been reset. 
  14. Just repeat again for more coins.
  15. Works for Food too ! 
Dragon City Coins Food Cheats and Hacks


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