Wednesday, May 30

Star City Cheats - Coins Cash Level Hacks

StarCity (with KPOP Star) [click to play] [fan page] is a new social game, a recreational business simulator wrapped under the theme of South Korean Pop stars. In it, players act as an upstart agency that is going to run his/her own Star City and entertainment business. Starting from planning the first performance, you will contract more pop stars, send them to perform in different stages, reduce stars’ stress level by shopping and dining, build strings of facilities to attract visitors, and commercialize the entire city to make a successful business.

Another important element is to contract hot stars and plan for their shows in different event centers from the basic Street Live to tiered stages and finally the Center Big. In the agency, you will find stars in the fields of Music, Drama and Sport. Fans of the Korean stars will find a wide range of familiar faces like Lee Hong Gi, Lee Minho, SUZY and teams like Wonder Girls, 2PM and Bigbang, etc.. Don’t expect to see them lively perform in shows, for they are at best represented by real posters while some are embodied in cartoon drawing. You gain your first two contracts pretty easily, but later have to collect special collection of items to contract more stars in your agency. And most of the items are from putting your contracted stars to work.

Star City Cash - Coins - EXP - Cheats - Hacks 

Just watch the video tutorial. Fairly simple Charles exploit.

This method allows you to buy Cash items. The items will be saved but the cash will disappear. There is another method to make the cash, coins, exp save after a refresh. Go play around and learn some knowledge. I will spoonfeed you guys after you guys have exhausted your brain cells.


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