Thursday, May 3

Pet Society Cheats Hacks Fashionista Hat

  1. Click the LIKE buttons above. 
  2. Download Database from this link [Download Cheat File].
  3. Open fiddler  and replace the below files. The rule editor are as  required. If you do not know how to replace,  read the Tool's Tutorial from the link above.
    1. REGEX:(?insx).*0wCIAJgeqa$               (thurs - sun)
    2. REGEX:(?insx).*AgiaJZRzoQ$               (mon - wed)
    ciety cheats
  4. Reload  Pet Society. If replaced correctly, the lines will   be          highlighted.
  5. Now just go to Shop Market and BUY BUY BUY 
Watch the videos to see how to replace the files!



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