Tuesday, June 5

CityVille Cheats - Daily Free Gifts

  • Firefox/Chrome
  • More cheating tools and how to use them: [Download these tools | Tool's Tutorial ]
How to abuse this Cityville cheat?
- You need 2 facebook accounts. Your main and your secondary
- Log into main and use this links below. Keep opening the links in a New Tab.
- Send the request to your secondary account in all the tabs. The more tabs, the more gifts you get.
- Do NOT click send the gift yet.
- Select that ONE secondary account in ALL your tabs before you send the request. (Duhs, you do know if you send, the name disappears right.. So you select the name in ALL the tabs first then you send it.

5th June



4th June

50 marchandises

3rd June


Amphitheatre VIP passes


1st June


Use the multi-tab exploit to gain lots of these materials with only 2 FB accounts.
(Open many tabs, send the request to your secondary account WITHOUT clicking Send.
Once all tabs have selected your secondary account, only then will you click Send)


More links here!
[Click here for FREE GIFTS for the month of MAY]



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