Friday, March 2

Tetris Battle Cheats // Rank hack


Credits: DEATH88@Digital Nodes

  1. Click to play Tetris Battle [play]
  2. Open Charles.
  3. Enter 2p.
  4. Exit 2p.
  5. Go to charles and you will see the 108.***.**.** or 50.70.***.**
  6. Expand it.
  7. Set Breakpoints to the first Default.
  8. Enter 2p(the Breakpoint tab will appear when you enter 2p)
  9. Click Execute
  10. Click Edit Response tab and text tab (at the bottom)
  11. Change the (your rank) to 99 and the (you current stars) to 10.
  12. Click execute.
  13. Remove the breakpoints to the default.(if a breakpoint tab will appear just click Execute)
  14. Go to Tetris and play 1 game to save your rank.



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