Saturday, February 25

Pawn Star Cheats // Candies and Cash


  1. Open Cheat Engine
  2. Click to play Pawn Stars [play]
  3. Select chrome.exe (Chrome) in process list or plugin-container.exe (Firefox users)
  4. Watch video to see which chrome process to use pawn star cheats
  5. Change value type to BINARY
  6. Scan current amount of cash/candies
  7. Spend some of the cash/candies
  8. Next scan the new amount of cash/candies. pawn star cheats
  9. Repeat till only 1 or 2 address remained.
  10. Double click on the address
  11. Select the adddresses and right click and select Change Record > Type
  12. Change to 7, field "30"
  13. Now change the value to "9999999"    (seven 9s)
  14. Have fun with the new candies and cash. pawn star cheats
  15. Watch video to see how it is done by the pros. 100% working.  pawn star cheats



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