Wednesday, January 11

Tetris Battle Cheats - Max Tuning, Unlimited Energy and Armour, Free Decor


Hack features:
  • Unlimited Energy
  • Unlimited Armor
  • Free Decor
Fiddler Setting
Click Tools > Fiddler Options > Check Capture HTTPS CONNECTs > Check Decrypt HTTPS Traffic and ignore server….

0. Like the buttons above for the cheat to work :p

1. Open Fiddler and click Autoresponder tab.
2. Check the two boxes and drag all the 3 files that you have just downloaded.
3. Click “SAVE” to your fiddler.
4. Clear Cache to your fiddler and to your browser.(MOST IMPORTANT)
5. Restart Tetris Battle and have fun!! Watch the video below if unclear.

# How to clear browser cache (shortcut key: hold ctrl+shift+delete)

Mozilla Firefox:

Click Tools > Clear Recent History > Check Cache > Press Clear Now
Google Chrome:
Click Tools Icon (at the top right) > Click Options > Under The Hood > Clear Browser Cache



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