Saturday, January 7

Ninja Saga Token Coins Money Cheat


This Ninja Saga Token Coins Money Cheats has been PATCHED. No longer working. Those who got it to work, enjoy your tokens. We all got THOUSANDS of tokens easily. =D
  1. [Play Ninja Saga
  2. Click LIKE on the buttons for the cheat to work! :p
  3. Go to “Christmas and New Year Special Gifts”
  4. Just buy any of the gift package that you can afford using tokens.
  5. This will cause the game to have an error.  (Santa will pop up)
  6. Just click on the Refresh button and repeat from step 3 again.
  7. Keep repeating! I would recommend setting up a mouse bot. After a few game refreshes, you should also see your TOKENS INCREASING.    
  8. Important: It doesnt increase EVERY ROUND. But if you do it long enough, you will definitely see the tokens increase, so dont give up so soon. 
#Ninja Saga Token Coins Money Cheat


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