Monday, December 19

Pet Society - Winter Wonderland

Snow Rabbit Plushie 850 coins → 680 coins

Christmas Bunny Plushie 2000 coins

Polar Paradise Falls 12 CC

Birch Fairy Swing 8 CC → 6 CC

Ice Skates 12 CC → 10 CC

Bouncy Shape Shifting Snowball 10 CC →8 CC

  1. Click LIKEs above!
  2. Download Database from the links above.
  3. Open fiddler  and replace the below files. The rule            
    editor are as  required. If    you do not know how to replace,  read  
    the Tool's Tutorial from the link above.


  4. Reload  Pet Society. If replaced correctly, the lines will   be          highlighted.
  5. Now just visit the MARKET and purchase the ITEMS!

Watch the video to see how to replace the files!



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