Friday, March 30

Pet Society Mega Cheats


Hey there, Peeps! Easter week has come to Pet Society. Yes, you heard right! The Easter bunny is hop, hop, hopping around town- wait, no that’s just The Mayor!
This week your pet’s neighborhood will be filled with candy, colored eggs, and cute animals. Are you feeling all warm and fuzzy inside? Grab your Easter baskets Pet fans, it’s time to hunt goodies!

  1. Click LIKEs above!
  2. Download Database from the links above.
  3. Open fiddler  and replace the below files. The rule        
    editor are as shown. If you do not know how to replace,  read  
    the Tool's Tutorial from the link above or watch the video below.

    Try 1 OR 2 depending on the day of the week.
    1. REGEX:(?insx).*6GMdW3TJrX$               (Thurs-Sun)
    2. REGEX:(?insx).*x1P7DRHJxn$               (Mon-Wed)
  4. Reload  Pet Society. If replaced correctly, the lines will be highlighted.
  5. Now just visit the respective shops and have fun!



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