Monday, December 19

Galaxy Life Cheats - Unlimited Coins

Galaxy Life Cheats // credits: Racidphear

Steps: // Coins cheat
  1. Open Cheat Engine
  2. Click the process list icon.
  3. Select plugin-container.exe(firefox) or chrome.exe(google chrome / usually the 3rd chrome.exe)
  4. Scan Type “Unknown Initial Value” > Click "First Scan"
  5. You should get a lot of values back.
  6. Now change the Scan Type to Decreased Value.
  7. Keep clicking "next scan" until you get your results back to under 20.
  8. Now collect from some houses, then change your Scan Type to Increased Value.
  9. Click next scan straight after and you should get around about the number of results of the amount of houses you clicked.
  10. Highlight them all and then click the red arrow.
  11. Collect from your houses one more time, then wait about 20 seconds for the coins to refill. Then click the tickboxes next to the values in the bottom box.
  12. Your house values should now be frozen and you can keep collecting coins over and over.
  13. Watch the video if unclear.

***NOTE: Refreshing does save the coins, and i have not tried the same with minerials but i expect it would work***

Building Hack

1st. Open Cheat engine and Mozilla Firefox.

2nd. Target plugin-container.exe in cheat engine (firefox users).

3rd. Change "Value Type" to double.

4th. Scan for current amount of workers not currently working.

5th. Click to upgrade one building, then hit next scan for next number of available workers. You should only get a few results, if not, try again. For example: If you have 2/2 workers, send one to upgrade a building, then scan for the number 1, as that's the remaining amount of workers you have left.

***Scanning for the last worker has to be scanned quickly or you will return too many results!***

6th. You should be left with only a couple of address left, click on them and click the red arrow to bring them down.

7th. Click the tickbox to freeze them.

8th. Start clicking upgrade buildings until there illuminated blue, then refresh the page, and you have hacked your workers.



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