Monday, October 3

Win a premium account from Filecopter

A piece of good news for everyone who downloads my files often. is giving away 2 years premium accounts! That is worth USD$50!  [How to win premium account - follow the rules!!]

And you get fast download speed for 2 years and files will not be deleted from the server when you are a premium user.

With a premium account, there will be NO MORE waiting for the timer to countdown. Just click on the premium button and start your download.

So go take part in's contest and win a premium account!

I will still be using Filecopter for a long long time (psst because they are reliable and pays well :p) so getting a premium account there would definitely be beneficial to you as well.

Just visit this link to find out how to win for yourself a premium account. I hope you one of you guys win!!  [How to win premium account - follow the rules!!]


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