Sunday, October 16

Ninja Saga - SKILLS damage hack

Credits Alabnia Hack and Bhouz Pat Loui
  1. Enter Ninja Saga [play ninja saga]
  2. Open Cheat Engine
  3. Select browser in the process list. (plugin-container.exe for firefox, 3rd chrome.exe for chrome)
  4. Change value to "Array of Bytes"
  5. Scan "62 04 D3 24 64 A3 A2"
  6. Only 1 address should be found. (if you cant find it, change process to another chrome.exe)
  7. Double click the address and edit the address.
  8. Change the value to "62 04 D3 24 64 A0 A2"
  9. Now go fight and use your skills and watch the godly damage.
  10. Have fun!



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