Saturday, September 17

Gears of War 3 Competition - Win up to $10,000 in prizes

For all those of you who owns an XBOX360 and plays Gears Of War 3, here is a piece of good news from one of our advertisers.

Sign up a Brotherhood and whenever you play GOW3, the points you earned will be counted into the contest. So, if you are those who always play GOW3, just sign up a team with your friends and watch those points increase.

For more details on joining this contest organized by GamerDNA, check out this page [link]

This contest will start in 2 days time, so remember to sign up soon and start gaining those points!
Form a "PWNTHIS" Brotherhood and make us proud if you win! :p

There are $10,000 in total worth of prizes to be won! [Prizes that you can win], so start fragging today!



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