Monday, June 20

Army Attack Ultimate Cheat


  1. Download required file above. Extract the file "army_config_base.json" using winRAR to the desktop.
  2. Open Fiddler
  3. Drag the file "army_config_base.json" into Fiddler
  4. It should look like this. Make sure "Enable auto.." and "Permit pass..." are both ticked.
  5. Just enter Army Attack [ play now ]
  6. Read the README file in the .rar file to see the various cheats available.
Cheat Includes:
  • 0 intel requirement to expand land
  • Special forces drops
  • Collection hack
  • EXP hack
  • Speedhack (This results in lag if you have a slow computer)
  • 1 health enemies. (This will d/c the game often, but exp and items dropped are saved)


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