Saturday, June 4

Army Attack Money Cheat

  1. [Play Army Attack]
  2. Open cheat engine
  3. Purchase a Motor Pool.
  4. In Cheat Engine, scan 500 (cost of selling a motor pool)
  5. Quite a lot of addresses are returned.
  6. Select only the addresses that are black in colour (not the green ones)
  7. Select all the addresses and press the red arrow button (copy all selected items to the address list)
  8. Now just change ALL the values to 500000.
  9. You can now sell the Motor Pool you bought earlier for 500,000 coins (see my image below)
  10. Have fun! 
  11. Note: For people with SLOWER/OLDER computers, 500000 coins may crash your computer, so try a lower value. If you have a FASTER computer, try 1000000 coins :) 



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