Monday, May 30

Hero City Cheats on Facebook


  1. [Play Hero City]
  2. Open Charles Proxy
  3. Keep completing the Goals until you have the "Liverpool" goal (build a brick house) (see image below)
  4. Build the brick house and complete the goal.
  5. Look in Charles and find the line
  6. Look for amf.php(QuestService.completeQuest, QuestService.addQuest) 
  7. Right click it and select repeat advance (Iterations 1000. Concurrency 10)
  8. Once all 1000 iterations are completed, you can refresh the game. 
  9. Coin Cheat Completed. You will now have lots of coins and exp and also +3 energy in your inventory (see image below)
  10. For unlimited Permit, complete the "Breaking New Ground" mission and repeat steps 6-8.
  11. Have fun!

Note: For heros, you can also use Cheat Engine to change the COINS amount to 1 Coin and purchase the hero. 

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