Wednesday, April 20

A New Game for All Noobs

It seems to be a fact of life that people love videogames. Whether we’re talking about top uk casinos online or playing Call of Duty on PlayStation, games have an incredibly large audience and always manage to rake in millions of players. And what’s better than a game? A free game!

Now finally starting to crawl out of its beta phase, Hopeless Episode Two: Mercenary Camp, a 100% free browser-based FPS, is starting to turn heads in the gaming world due to its elaborate nature and customizable settings.

What makes this FPS different from the wide range of other shooters out there? First and foremost, you are not given cookies from the site, you are not prompted to pay money, and there are no hidden fees or risks associated with the game. It is 100% free to sign up and play ‘til your heart’s content.
Another aspect of Hopeless Two (H2) making it different is that it is highly optimized to run on the average PC. This means that you do not need a nVidia GTX 460 or above and an Intel i7 with 4GB of high-voltage RAM to experience a high-performance game. You can play and get the full effect of a shooter with a basic laptop, an old Pentium PC, or even a mobile deal bereft of a standalone GPU. That’s a huge benefit for casual gamers – the type more likely to play a free game.

Separating H2 even further from the pack are the multiple gameplay options. You have 8 separate maps to choose from with more to come, four different male and four different female characters, three different monsters to choose from, and multiple colors, uniforms and accessories.

Then we get into the weapons. With firepower like a Colt .45, Uzi, Benelli, Winchester, M-16, RPG, XM-29, AW-50 and much, much more, even a noob can go on a frag-fest when the bullets start to fly.
There are also many game modes. Not only do you have the basic Free for All maps, but you have Team Deathmatch, Capture the Flag, Domination, Free Teams, Infection, and more gaming modes on the way.

When you think of free games, you might think of online blackjack for play money or an old arcade version of Pacman. Rarely do gamers get an opportunity to play a legitimate shooter for zero cost.

You can register for free or play as a “Player” without logging in. You can browse the camps to see who is online. And if you join the game’s forum, you will also be given commands to use via the in-game chat (Yeah, you can talk to players are you slaughter them!).

Want to see every player turn into a thong-wearing hot chick? There’s a command for that. Need to go to the bathroom? There’s a command that pauses the game for you. You even have commands to boot out idiots, players with poor Internet connection, and commands to change the weather.

All in all, no other free FPS on the market provides what Hopeless Two does, and the game is just getting started. It’s not even technically released yet but already has nearly 1-million members.



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