Wednesday, April 20

IT Girl Cheats - Items Coins Money Cheat

Credits: gory1963@fullelectronica
  1. Enter IT Girl with your secondary account. [click to play IT Girl]
  2. Open Charles
  3. Click on Free Gifts
  4. Select the "Send a mystery shoe gift"
  5. Select your Primary Facebook account and click Send.
  6. In Charles,  look for this line
  7. Expand /site/, Expand overlay/
  8. And you should see this line "gift_overlay_send?gift_id=-1&t=..........." (see image above)
  9. Right click and select Repeat Breakpoints (100 iterations 1 concurrency is sufficient. You can increase the iterations for more items if you wish. Don't put too high or your game may glitch) 
  10. Now log into your Main facebook account and go into IT girls. You should see all the items in your messages corner. Click Accept to get the gifts. They will all appear in your 'dress' folder. Have fun!


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